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Add and Edit MFA Options for Microsoft 365

Looking to add more MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) options for your Microsoft 365 account? Check out this article on how to access more MFA options and make changes to your existing settings.

Backing Up Computer Files with OneDrive

How to utilize OneDrive for Business for backing up computer files on Windows 10 computers and Office 365 online.

Canvas: Missing Course on Dashboard

How to find a missing course and add it to your Dashboard. Includes other suggestions if the course does not display in any area of your Canvas account.

Canvas: Orientation Completion

How to finish the Canvas Orientation (PLT-6007) that is required for full access to registered courses.

Canvas: Removing a Course from the Dashboard

Courses from previous semesters may appear on your Canvas Dashboard, and removing them only takes a few steps. This article reviews the process on hiding these courses so they do not appear on the Dashboard.

How to Install Microsoft 365 ProPlus

Microsoft 365 ProPlus, which includes programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, is available to students, faculty, and staff at no extra cost. This article provides the steps on how to install the package from your email account. Pertinent information is also included to assist with troubleshooting and answering the most common questions about Microsoft 365 ProPlus.

How to Reset the Oracle Password

The Oracle password is required for some programs such as BossCars, NolijWeb, and Access. If you cannot login, or receive errors for these programs, resetting the Oracle password may help you regain access to the programs. This article provides the steps on how to reset the password.

How to Setup MFA for Microsoft 365

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) is now incorporated into EFSC's Microsoft 365 infrastructure. This article contains general information about MFA and tips for setting it up. This is also the hub for the related MFA for Microsoft 365 articles to assist with setting up MFA for the first time, how to add or edit MFA options, as well as troubleshooting when issues arise.

How to Verify MFA for VPN

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) has been implemented to improve the EFSC VPN security. The instructions in this article will demonstrate how to use MFA when connecting to VPN.

MFA for Microsoft 365 Setup with Mobile App

This article will demonstrate how to setup MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) on a Mobile App (Microsoft Authenticator) for Microsoft 365. This is the preferred method for MFA that involves receiving an approval notification or one-time password code in the app to protect your account.

MFA for Microsoft 365 Setup with Mobile Phone

The two sets of instructions in this article will demonstrate how to setup MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) on your Mobile Phone for Microsoft 365. Choose this option if you would prefer to receive a text message with a code or a phone call to a mobile device to protect your account.

MFA for Microsoft 365 Setup with Office Phone

The instructions in this article will demonstrate how to setup MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) on your Office Phone for Microsoft 365. This method should only be used as a backup option. For this MFA method, you will receive a phone call to your office phone to protect your account.

MFA Setup for Student Email on Microsoft 365

This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to setup MFA for the first time for student email accounts.

Microsoft 365 ProPlus for Mac

Installing Microsoft 365 ProPlus for Mac follows the same steps provided in the How to Install Microsoft 365 ProPlus article. However, there are some unique errors and items to consider that are specific to Mac devices. This article covers the various ways these errors can be resolved as well as other information that may be helpful when using Microsoft 365 ProPlus for Mac.

Microsoft 365 ProPlus Installation Support

Attempting to install Microsoft 365 ProPlus but it is not working? This article reviews some of the common issues that can occur during the installation process and how to solve them. This includes locating missing installation options, signing into the Office products to authenticate, discovering when to uninstall current Office packages, and more. Note: Please view the article How to Install Microsoft 365 ProPlus first.

Mobile Device Compatibility for TitanWeb and Employee Dashboard Self-Services

Review this article for the latest information on mobile compatibility for TitanWeb and Employee Dashboard Self-Services. This includes the various devices compatible for Self-Services such as Student Registration, Employee, and Financial Aid.

Multiple Monitors in Remote Desktop

How to quickly utilize all monitors for your remote session

Printing to a Local Printer in Remote Desktop

Printing to your home or visiting office printer from your remote desktop session

Retrieving your Student ID (B Number)

How to obtain your student ID (B number) online, at Admissions, and by filling out a form.

Troubleshooting MFA for Microsoft 365

This article covers some of the common problems that can temporarily impede setting up or confirming MFA for your account and what to do in those scenarios.

Using Microsoft 365 on a Chromebook

This article walks through the basic steps of installing Microsoft 365 on a Chromebook. Details are included about the differences between this installation process in comparison to other operating systems.


Different ways to listen and delete voicemail messages, change and record greetings, names and change voicemail playback speed