Office 365 ProPlus for Mac

Office 365 ProPlus can be installed on Mac devices, following the same steps found in the article How to Install Office 365 ProPlus. While this page focuses on unique issues that occur on Mac devices, the Office 365 ProPlus Installation Support article contains other helpful tips that can apply. For faculty and staff, you will use your employee credentials and email address for the steps below.

How to Resolve Unique Mac Errors

After opening an Office program like Word, it is possible that you may be presented an error when attempting to input information into a new file. The most common error that occurs is one that states the program “does not allow editing on a Mac”. It may also state that the program is in a “view only” mode and to “contact administrator about the Office plan.”

Please see the following solutions that have been known to clear these error messages, allowing the Office programs to be used.

1. As stated in the How to Install Office 365 ProPlus article, the license will need to be uploaded first before Office programs will be available. This will occur primarily for new or readmit students who have not been registered within the 3 full semesters. The license should be available sometime during the first week of a term.

2. After installing the Office 365 ProPlus package, the applications may require you to sign in with your titans email address to authenticate the account. This can be the quickest method to clear errors. Here are some basic steps and details on how to do this:

a) Open up an Office program like Word and create a blank document.

b) In the top right, you may see an option to Sign In. This is also available if you go to File and click Account or Office Account in the left panel.

c) If you are already signed in, sign out, and then sign back in with your titans email address and password (same as myEFSC). At this point, you may need to choose the option to Use another account or Sign in with a different account after clicking the Sign In option.

d) You may be redirected to the Titan Sign In screen that you normally see for myEFSC. If so, login here with your B number and password. For staff and faculty, this will be your employee credentials.

e) In some cases, you may see an Activate button either as soon as you create a blank document or by going to File, then the Account tab.

3. Try uninstalling and reinstalling Office 365 ProPlus. Check to see if any duplicates of Office is installed, likely found in Applications. If so, uninstall any previous versions so you only have your most recent version that you installed from your student email account. Please keep in mind, that uninstalling means removing the Office programs from your device.

Note: The online versions of Office 365 are also available via the student email but may not include every feature seen on the ProPlus applications.

Access on a Mac

Microsoft Access is generally not available to use on Mac devices. While programs like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel will be included in the package, you may notice that the suite does not include Access.

Overall, Microsoft Access is only available on devices that have a Windows operating system, emulate one, or can use remote access to a Windows machine. In cases where students need to use Access, it is recommended to contact the instructor of the course to look into how assignments should be completed and what options are available.

For further assistance, please either create a ticket or call the IT Support Desk at 321-433-7600, open 7am to midnight, 7 days a week. When creating a ticket, please include details, error messages, and provide screenshots of the steps you have taken so we may further assist you.


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