Retrieving your Student ID (B Number)

Retrieving your Student ID (B Number)

There are three options available to obtain your student ID number.

  1. Visit the college home page at and then click on the EFSC Logins button in the top right. If you are on mobile, go to the Menu to find EFSC Logins. Under the EFSC Logins dropdown, click on the option for myEFSC. Find the link for Reset my Student password and then on this next page click the button for I Don’t Remember My Student ID. Fill out the form on this page and then click the button to Reset Password. You may need to accept terms first before you are given the B number with the option to change your password as well.


2. If the above option does not work, if you live in Brevard county, visit one of the Admissions offices with proof of ID to retrieve the B number.

3. If you do not live in Brevard county, visit the link below for the form required to release the student ID. This can generally be faxed into the Admissions offices. For further questions on this process, please contact Admissions.

For further assistance, please call the IT Support Desk at 321-433-7600, open 7am to midnight, 7 days a week. To reach Admissions, contact the EFSC Call Center at 321-632-1111.

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