How to Enable MFA for Student Email

Introduction to MFA

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) can be utilized to increase the login security of your Student Email and Microsoft 365 account. By using MFA, spammers and hackers won’t have access to your email account if your credentials get compromised, since they will not have your mobile device to approve the sign in.

Each time a login to your titans email address is required, you will be prompted to acknowledge a mobile app notification, a text message, or a phone call to continue. Keep in mind this is a separate setup to access your myEFSC account (Titan Sign In).

For the best security and reliability, EFSC IT recommends setting up the Microsoft Authenticator app as the default option for MFA.

This article’s goal is to provide a comprehensive guide on how to setup MFA for the first time. You will find two different instructions on how to accomplish this, Method 1 and Method 2. Use the instructions that work best for you. Immediately following the setup instructions are a description and a glance of what to expect when accessing your account once MFA is enabled.

General Tips:

  • While following the steps below, we recommend double checking that you are signed in with your titans email address (
  • If you choose to follow the Method 1 instructions and issues occur, try switching to the Method 2 instructions, and vice versa.
  • If you use more than one Microsoft account, utilize a separate browser to avoid issues.
  • Try to complete all steps in the same session, as stopping in the middle of the process and resuming can lead to timeouts and various errors to occur.
  • As a reminder, you can locate the titans email address assigned to you either in the Acceptance Letter or by visiting TitanWeb after you log into myEFSC (Titan Sign In). Within TitanWeb, click on the Personal Information tab, and then click the View E-mail Address(es) and/or Network ID link to find your titans email address.


Method 1

Visit the Additional security verification page to setup MFA.


1.  Click the following link to visit the Additional security verification page:


2.  If you are not already signed in to your Student Email account, after clicking the link above you may be directed to the Microsoft Sign in page. Log in using your titans email address to proceed. Additionally, you may be directed to log in on the Titan Sign In page.


3.  For first time MFA setup, you will be directed to the More information required screen. Click Next to continue.


4.  You should now be at the Additional security verification screen to choose your first MFA verification option. The first dropdown will allow you to select which contact method to use. EFSC IT recommends using the Mobile app (Microsoft Authenticator) option for security and reliability. Complete setting up the option(s) by filling in the required fields. For more details on this section, see the Mobile app and Authentication phone instructions directly below, or continue to the next step (5) in these instructions.


Mobile app

  • This MFA verification method has two options to select from. These both involve downloading the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device (Android, iOS).
  • The Receive notifications for verification involves selecting the Approve button via a phone notification once selected whereas the Use verification code option will generate a One-time password code that is found in the app on a 30 second timer.
  • Select one of the options and then click Set up.
  • You will receive a Configure mobile app prompt with further instructions and a QR code to scan using the app. Once this has been completed, you will be asked to include a phone number in the event you lose access to the app (see the Authentication phone instructions above for details).
  • Visit this YouTube Video that includes a brief walkthrough for setting up the app.


Authentication phone

  • Click the Select your country or region dropdown and choose the applicable option. This will likely be United States (+1) found at the top of the list.
  • Then, directly to the right of this dropdown is a blank field to type in your phone number. This should include the area code with no spaces or symbols between the numbers (ex. 321XXXXXXX).
  • Next, choose the Method for either Send me a code by text message or Call me. The text message option will send a code (6 digits) found within the text message itself that will be used as a verification option. The Call me option involves answering your phone from a Microsoft related number and pressing the # key on the phone’s dial pad soon after answering the call.
  • Finally, once you click Next you will be asked to confirm the verification by following the instructions provided, depending on which choice you made for your first MFA option.



5.  After setting up your first MFA verification method, you will be directed to another Additional security verification screen where more options can be setup. This is strongly recommended so that you have an available option at all times.


6.  The first dropdown on this page can be used to select your default, or preferred option for MFA. Click on the dropdown to select the MFA verification method you will primarily use. EFSC IT recommends to use the Mobile app as the preferred option. Keep in mind that proceeding with the following steps may automatically change the preferred option in this dropdown, so it is recommended to revisit this section before finishing the setup.


7.  Under the “how would you like to respond?” section is where you can add or remove MFA options. Use the checkboxes to select your preferred options and fill out and complete the fields accordingly (phones numbers can be entered in the example format: 321XXXXXXX). Once finished making changes, click the Save button. Please note that the Save button cannot be selected unless some change has been made on this page.

  • Setting up the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app can be completed via the Set up Authenticator app button. (recommended option)
  • This screen provides a good opportunity to setup up an alternate phone number for your account, in case your primary phone is not accessible.
  • The Office phone setup is not recommended as it is often used with stationary phones that cannot be accessed in any other location.
  • For more specific information on how each of these options work, refer to the appropriate instructions found above in step 4.


8.  Depending on if the preferred option was changed, you may receive a Verification required screen. Click on the Verify preferred option button to continue and complete this step.


9.  Finally, you may be directed to a Profile window after either of the previous two steps. It is recommended to sign out at this point by clicking either your initials or profile picture in the top right corner of the page next to your name, and then by clicking the Sign out button in the dropdown window.


MFA has now been setup! If you would like to review the verification options setup on your account, follow the steps in Method 2 seen below, or you may use the link again found in step 1.


Method 2

Access the Security Info area in your Student Email account.


1.  Begin by logging in to your Student Email account. For the best results, log in to your myEFSC account first and then click the Student Email icon.


2.  If you are not already directed into your Student Email account, after clicking the link above you may be directed to the Microsoft Sign in page. Log in using your titans email address ( to proceed.

Note: The titans email address can be found in your Acceptance Letter or within TitanWeb. See the Notes at the top of this article for details.


3.  Locate and click your initials or profile picture in the top right corner of the page.


4.  Confirm on the dropdown window that you are signed into your titans email account. Under your name and email address, click on the View account link.


5.  On the next screen, locate the Security info section and then click the Update Info link. You can also click the Security info option in the left navigation menu.


6.  You should now be in the Security info area of your account that is also a great place to review your verification options. To get started with adding your first MFA option, click the +Add sign-in method button.


7.  The Add a method window should then appear. Click on the Choose a method dropdown menu to select the option you want to add to your account. From here you will be prompted to enter the information required to setup these options.


8.  It is encouraged to repeat steps 6 and 7 at this point to include additional verification options on your account. Once more have been added, you will see a list under the +Add sign-in method button of the options you have available.


9.  Above the +Add sign-in method button you will see the Default sign-in method selected. Verify your preferred verification option is selected. If it is not, click the Change link on the right to choose a different one. Microsoft Authenticator is the best option to setup as the default.


10.  From here you are all set, but if you change your mind on any of the options that were created, or would like to delete one, you will see a Change link (to edit) as well as a Delete link to the right of each verification option.


MFA has now been setup! Take this opportunity to review the various MFA methods that have been selected. You may now close this window.


What Happens Next?

After your verification options have been successfully set, your titans email address will be even more secure with MFA enabled. What is expected now that MFA is setup? Each time you log in to your student email, you will be prompted to verify your identity, which happens immediately after entering your password.

The verification is required before you may proceed to log in to the account. You should have multiple options available after setting up MFA to ensure you have an available method at all times. Here is what to expect after entering your password:


First, select an option that is either most convenient for you at the time or is the one you have available to confirm your identity. Then, follow the instructions depending on the option selected to approve the sign-in. For example, selecting the Approve notification via the Microsoft Authenticator app is all that needs to be done to complete the MFA step.



Once the verification has been confirmed, you should then receive the prompt if you want to Stay signed in. Please keep in mind that selecting Yes will not guarantee that you will remain signed in, and you will likely need to confirm your verification the next time you log in.



As mentioned, expect to verify your identity with one of the MFA methods you set up each time you log in to your student email account. What may not prompt you each time are the various Office products available, including Outlook applications. Typically, these will only ask you to sign in and confirm your identity once until either the password has changed on the account or there is an update or issue of some kind that requires you to sign in again.

Once you have confirmed your MFA verification option, you will then have access to your account!


For further assistance, questions, or concerns, please either create a ticket or call the IT Support Desk at 321-433-7600, open 7am to midnight, 7 days a week.

To create a ticket, login to your myEFSC account and locate the IT Support section as seen in the image below. When creating a ticket, select the Email, Teams & Calendaring category, followed by the Student Email Assistance service to submit a ticket. Please include an alternative contact method (if you cannot access your email). Include details, error messages, and provide screenshots if possible of the steps you have taken so we may further assist you.


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