Retrieve Voicemail Messages

Voicemail messages can be accessed a number of ways. The easiest way to access your voicemail messages is through your email. However, not all voicemail accounts are tied to an email and must be accessed by calling into your voicemail. You can call into any voicemail account, as long as you have the 4 digit extension (ID) and the pin. You can even access your voicemail account by calling the College's phone number 321-632-1111.

From any phone on campus:

  • Press the “cassette tape”   button on the phone
  • Press the “ * ”  or asterisk   button
  • Enter your ID (your 4 digit extension, if it asks)
  • Listen to the prompts and your enter your pin

By calling into the College at 321-632-1111:

  • -Listen to the recording and wait until it asks you "…if you know your party’s extension…", and then press “ * “  the asterisk button
  • -Enter your ID (your 4 digit extension)
  • -Listen to the prompts and enter your pin

Voicemail Options

Additionally, you can change many options once inside your voicemail account such as voicemail playback speed, recorded names and different greetings. 

To record/change your Standard greeting:

  • Press 4– Setup Options
  • Press 1– Greetings
  • Follow the prompts to record your greeting

Setup and Record/Change Alternate greeting:

  • Press 4– Setup Options
  • Press 1– Greetings

**It will play the current greeting

  • Press 3‐ Edit other greetings
  • Press 3‐ Alternate greeting

**It will play the greeting

  • Press 3‐ To turn On Alternate greeting
  • Press # ‐ To leave it on indefinitely (Or to have it play until you change it)
  • Press 1‐ To record the Alternate greeting

To record/change your recorded name:

  • Press 4- Setup Options
  • Press 3- Preferences
  • Press 2- Recorded Name
  • Follow the prompts to record a new recorded name

To change voicemail playback speed:

While listening to a voicemail message: 

  • Press 4 to slow down playback
  • Press 6 to speed up playback

The speeds range from Slow, Normal, Fast and Fastest


Delete Voicemail Messages from your Outlook inbox

Your voicemail inbox is different than your Outlook inbox in terms of size. Voicemail mailboxes are considerably smaller than your email inbox. To avoid any missed voice messages, you will need to periodically delete old voice messages. Important voice messages can be kept, but it is advised to keep them in a separate folder, not nested under your Inbox. One suggestion is to save the voice message as a .wav file on your computer. Additionally, you must also delete old voice messages from your Deleted Items folder in your email, as it also counts toward your voicemail mailbox quota. 


  • Check your Deleted Items folder in your email to make sure you've deleted voicemails from that folder as well. All voicemails saved in any sub‐folders under your Inbox will count toward your voicemail quota.


  • Also, another way to check for voicemails in you Inbox is to use the Search feature. All voicemails are from "Cisco Unity Connection Messaging System" and will have an attachment.


  • Additionally, you can delete your voicemails by listening to each message on the phone


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