Office 365 ProPlus Installation Support

Need help installing Office 365 ProPlus? This article details several solutions to common obstacles that can occur during the installation process or after. If you are faculty or staff, you will use your employee credentials and email address instead for the steps below.

Please review the primary article How to Install Office 365 ProPlus first. While some of the information in this article may apply, if you have a Mac or Chromebook, it is recommended to check out the specific articles for those devices.

Office 365 ProPlus for Mac
Using Office 365 on a Chromebook

Missing Install Options

If you are having trouble finding the install options within your student email, try checking the following:

1. You must be logged into your Student Email with the titans email address provided by the college. Login to your myEFSC account first, then click on the Student Email icon. An alternate route is to login to your titans email address at but it is preferable to access the Student Email via myEFSC.

2. If the install option is not displaying in the My account > Apps & devices section of your student email account, this could be for a number of reasons. If you are a new or readmit student who has not been enrolled in previous semesters, the install option may not be available until sometime during the first week of classes. If it is still not appearing at that time, try clearing the cache/cookies in the browser you are using or switch to another browser. It is possible that the browsing data needs to be cleared to show the up-to-date options.

Delete Browser Cookies and Cache

3. Signing out and then logging back into the student email account can also help display the current options or take care of any authentication errors that can occur.

Installation Assistance

After following the steps on the How to Install Office 365 ProPlus article, try the following that may help resolve issues:

1. Open a program such as Word, create a blank document, and try using the sign in option in the top right. Sign in with your titans email address and password here (same as myEFSC). After signing in, you may be redirected to login to myEFSC/Titan Sign In. For students, this would be the B number and password. For staff and faculty, this would be the employee credentials.

  • You may also find the sign options by clicking File in the top left, then Account near the bottom of the left menu.
  • After clicking the Sign In option in the top right, you might see a Use another account or Sign in with a different account button. Logging in using this option can fix potential issues. 

  • It is possible that you may already see your name in the top right. Signing out and logging back in with the titans email address is another action that can help authenticate the account.

Overall, these steps may help resolve “subscription expired”, “product key required”, or “does not allow editing on a Mac” error messages.

2. Try restarting the device. This may be necessary if the install is not working or when uninstalling existing Office 365 programs is taking longer than usual.

3.  Check your installed programs for any duplicates of Office 365. These can normally conflict with the newly installed package. If you are finding older versions or trials of Office, these likely need to be uninstalled (via Apps & features in Windows 10 or Applications in Mac for instance). Keep in mind, uninstalling means removing the current version you previously had from the device. The Support Desk has found that uninstalling and reinstalling the package can resolve a number of issues. For any questions or concerns about the previous versions before uninstalling, please contact Microsoft support.

4. It is recommended to contact Microsoft support for more advanced issues with the installation process, especially those that may be directly related to the device itself.

Online Version of Office 365 (Student Email Account)

The Office 365 applications can also be found within the student email account via the Apps menu. There are a couple pieces of information to keep in mind when utilizing the programs through this route.

1. There may be missing features in the online version or the layout may appear different. In cases where this can affect student assignments, it is recommended to install the products from the student email to the device. The installed applications will provide the most recent version provided.

2. Opening files that have been posted online, such as in a Canvas course, is possible in the online version of Office 365. The file(s) will usually need to be downloaded to the local machine first, then uploaded within the Office 365 account online. If further issues arise, try installing the desktop package from the student email and then attempt to open the file(s).

3. For courses that focus on the use of Office 365, please reach out the instructor regarding the use of the online version and whether it will be compatible for the assignments.

For further assistance, questions, or concerns, please either create a ticket or call the IT Support Desk at 321-433-7600, open 7am to midnight, 7 days a week. When creating a ticket, please include details, error messages, and provide screenshots of the steps you have taken so we may further assist you.



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