How to Install Office 365 ProPlus

Office 365 ProPlus is available to install on up to 5 devices (desktop and/or mobile) for students, faculty, and staff at no additional cost. The package includes programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.  The numbered steps further below in this article will outline how to install Office 365 ProPlus. Before proceeding, please review the following:

  • If you are a new or readmit student, you will likely only see Skype for Business available to install before the first week of classes when following the steps below. This is because the licenses will become active for Office 365 ProPlus sometime during the first week of a term. You should be able to return to step 5 at that point and see the install option.
  • Students will only lose access to Office 365 ProPlus after not registering for classes for an extended period of time (3 full semesters). At this point, the programs will only work in a view/read only mode.
  • More information about Office 365 ProPlus, mobile versions, and a FAQ can be found on the college’s website at:
  • The online version of Office 365 is also located in the titans email account. Click the button in the top left corner (9 dots in grid pattern) to access the available apps.
  • Before installing the Office 365 ProPlus software, it’s recommended to uninstall any previous trials or versions of Office on the device. Please keep in mind this will remove the current version of Office from your device. If you are encountering any issues installing the package or are using a Mac or Chromebook computer, please see the following articles that may be helpful:

Office 365 ProPlus Installation Support
Office 365 ProPlus for Mac
Using Office 365 on a Chromebook

The steps below demonstrate the preferred method to install Office 365 ProPlus via the student email. For faculty and staff, the steps should be identical except you will need to use your employee credentials and email in step 1.

1. Login to your myEFSC account and click on the Student Email icon. Proceed to login to the student email account with your titans email address

2. Click on your initials in the top right corner.

3. Click the My account option. **You may see an option for View account instead.

4. Click App & devices in the left navigation menu. **If you do not see Apps & devices, you might see an option on the left for Office apps. This should take you to the page where you can click Apps & devices.

5. Confirm the Language and Version according to your operating system (this may vary from the options selected in the image). Then, click the orange Install Office button to begin the installation process. Follow the prompts from this point to successfully run the installation.

For further assistance, please either create a ticket or call the IT Support Desk at 321-433-7600, open 7am to midnight, 7 days a week. If you are creating a ticket, please provide screenshots of the steps you are taking to install Office 365 ProPlus and any errors you receive.



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