How to Install Microsoft 365 ProPlus

Microsoft 365 ProPlus is available to install on up to 5 devices (desktop and/or mobile) for students, faculty, and staff at no additional cost. The package includes programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. The numbered steps further below in this article will outline how to install Microsoft 365 ProPlus if you are a currently enrolled student or faculty/staff.

Before proceeding, please review the following:

  • If you are a new or readmit student, you will likely only see Skype for Business available to install before the first week of classes when following the steps below. This is because the licenses will become active for Microsoft 365 ProPlus sometime during the first week of a term


  • Students will only lose access to Microsoft 365 ProPlus after not registering for classes for an extended period (3 full semesters). At this point, the programs will only work in a view/read only mode.



  • The online version of Microsoft 365 is also located within your email account. Click the button in the top left corner (9 dots in grid pattern) to access the available apps.


  • Before installing the Microsoft 365 ProPlus software, it’s recommended to uninstall any previous trials or versions of Microsoft 365 or Office on the device. Please keep in mind this will remove the current version of the software from your device.


If you are encountering any issues installing the package or are using a Mac or Chromebook computer, please see the following articles that may be helpful:

Microsoft 365 ProPlus Installation Support
Microsoft 365 ProPlus for Mac
Using Microsoft 365 on a Chromebook

The steps below demonstrate the preferred method to install Microsoft 365 ProPlus via the online EFSC email account. 

1. Login to your myEFSC account and click on the appropriate Email icon (Student Email or Staff Webmail). Proceed to login to your email account.


2. Once logged into the Microsoft 365 account, locate and click the Install and more drop-down menu button found near the top right of the page. 

Note: If you do not see this option, try clicking the 9 dots icon in the top left and then select the Microsoft 365 option. The Install and more button should now be available on the right side of the page.


3. Within the Install and more drop-down menu, select the option for Install Microsoft 365 apps.


4. You should now be on the Apps & devices page. There should be an Office section as pictured below. Confirm the Language and Version according to your operating system (this may vary from the options selected in the image). Then, click the Install Office button to begin the installation process. Follow the prompts from this point to successfully run the installation.


5. After the installation is complete, you may open one of the Microsoft 365 apps on your device (ex. Word). The program occasionally will prompt you to sign in again with your EFSC account and bring up the window seen in the image below. Here it’s recommended to uncheck the Allow my organization to manage my device checkbox (1), and then click OK (2). Do not select the No, sign in to this app only option as it may cause an issue with syncing the account across the Microsoft 365 apps.


If the suggestions here do not work, you can try checking the box and selecting the option to sign into this app only. Uninstalling and re-installing Microsoft 365 is sometimes necessary when none of the options work and restarting the app and device does not resolve the issue. Please refer to the Microsoft 365 ProPlus Installation Support article for more solutions.

If you can edit and save files after signing in, this means that Microsoft 365 has been successfully installed!


Direct Route Using a Link (Alternative Method)

An alternative method is available to reach the Install Office option that works well when you are already signed in to your Microsoft 365 account. Visit the following link: (may require sign in)

This should direct you to the My account section in Microsoft 365. On this page, click on Apps & devices in the left navigation. If successful reaching the Apps & devices page in the My account area of Microsoft 365, proceed to step 4 in this article above.



For further assistance, please either create a ticket or call the IT Support Desk at 321-433-7600, open 7am to midnight, 7 days a week. After accessing myEFSC, the Open an IT Ticket button can be found in the IT Support section, typically found near the bottom of the page.

When creating a ticket, select the Email, Teams & Calendaring category, followed by the Office 365 Assistance service to submit a ticket. Include details, error messages, and provide screenshots if possible of the steps you have taken so we may further assist you.


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